Episode 016 - The Commencement

August 7, 2017

In this episode Bryan, Jim and Joe talk about transfers yet this window, upcoming seaon and predictions.  You can always get a hold of us via email, indyredspod@gmail.com or on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  Please write a review!


Episode 015 - Joe Has Podcasting Withdrawal

July 11, 2017

WE'RE BACK!!!  Essentially Joe missed podcasting and talked Bryan and Jim into recording a podcast regarding transfers, rumors, FSG and a few other things.  We want to thank all of our listeners and hope that we have some new listeners joining in too.  Oh, and per request from our friend Chris, we have a bit of a discussion on Fulham FC.  Be careful of where you put your guitar picks!  YNWA!


Episode 014 - Season Finale

May 22, 2017

The season has concluded and Liverpool are in the Champions League next season!  Jim, Bryan and Joe discuss the final match, trolling Arsenal, play a game of Keep or Sell and that's just the first half! We then talk about what we want to see next season: formations, in Europe, Domestic Cups and the League.  Also, Joe breaks out some news about the summer and future with the podcast.  He also sends out a desparate plea.  It's funny to see him degregate himself.


Thank you all for downloading and listening to us.  It truly means a lot.  We say it all the time, but without you, we wouldn't have a podcast.  Please leave a review on iTunes.  If you want to contact us email us at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or find us on Twitter @IndyRedsPod.  YNWA!

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Episode 013 - Eavan Warfel

May 15, 2017

In this episode, we get to know a bit more about one of OG OLSC Indianapolis people, Eavan Warfel.  She helps us realize one of the best lines ever on the podcast, "Unicorn Made of Glass".  We also discuss LFC's 4-0 win over West Ham at London (Olympic) Stadium, this next week, Twitter chatter and Plugs (and Jim's Non-Plug).  Please download and listen!

If you want to reach us, you can email us at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  YNWA

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Episode 012 - Roundtable - No Guest

May 7, 2017

Boback, Bryan and Jim do a roundtable discussion about Southampton result, the rest of the season, some Twitter Chatter from the week and a big thank you to Melissa Dilling.  No random calls from the doctor this week.  If you'd like to reach us, our email is IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or on Twitter @IndyRedsPod.  YNWA


Episode 011 - Boback Lotfalian

May 2, 2017

In this episode the guys interview Boback Lotfalian.  We find out about Boback's footy history, his love for LFC and who wins in a fistfight.  Topics discussed post interview discussions include victory over Watford in a new approach, upcoming fixtures, potential future players, Dejan Lovern's new contract, the new LFC kit and who Joe should get on the back of the kit.  Also, a local doctor calls in to hear about Martain Tyler's orgasam.  Please subscribe, rate and review if you like our podcast.  We can be reached via email at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  YNWA!


Episode 010 - Zach Shorter

April 24, 2017

In episode 010, the guys interview Zach Shorter, long time Indy Red.  We discuss Zach, his love of LFC, suggest a wedding venue, who wins in a fist fight, and a new segment called Can/Should we upgrade.  We do not spend more than 2 minutes discussing Crystal Palace.  Also we discuss the upcoming matches, Twitter Chatter, Simon Hughes new book, Ring of Fire and the Fernando Torres sample chapter.  you can reach us at indyredspod@gmail.com or on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod  Thank you for downloading. 


Episode 009 - Jim Dimitri

April 18, 2017

Episode 009 - We learn all about Jim Dimitri, aka James Dimitri Esq.  There is a brief discussion on Bounesmouth and Stoke and a deeper discussion on West Brom, Phillipe Coutinho and Barcelona (a team in a league Jim knows nothing about), who would win in a fist fight between Igor Biscan and Abel Xavier, a Paul Harvey reference and much, much more!

If you would like to provide feedback or would like to participate, please contact us via Twitter: @IndyRedsPod or email us directly at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com.


Thank you so very much for downloading and listening.  YNWA.


Episode 008 - Bryan Smith

April 3, 2017

In this episode we get to know co-host Bryan Smith and his journey as a youngster in the Catholic School leagues in Saint Louis and fandom as a Liverpool supporter. We discuss the Everton match, upcoming fixtures, T A-A and Christian Pulisic.  Also, might have a bit of a new sound, let us know what you think.  Find us on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod or email us at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com.  Thank you for the download and listens.  Tell your friends.


Episode 007 - Jon Busch

March 21, 2017

In this episode, the guys interview Indy Eleven Goalkeeper and Red, Jon Busch.  We hear some great stories about his trial at LFC, great players he's played against and with, Kyle Martino and Indy Eleven's upcoming season.  Bryan and Joe then discuss LFC vs Man City, look forward a bit, borrow Jim's Dungeons and Dragons crystal ball to tell the future.

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