Episode 022 - Kyle Martino

September 18, 2017

In Episode 22, we get to talk to Kyle Martino (former professional footballer and analyst on NBC Sports coverage of the Premier League) about Liverpool Football Club.  It was a great pleasure to speak with him and pick his brain.  We even talk a bit about his former teammate and current Indy Eleven Goalkeeper, John Busch.

Brian and Joe discuss Sevilla, Burnley, Twitter Chatter, and two away matches at Leicester.  

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Episode 021 - Zach Osterman

September 11, 2017

On this episode, Joe interviews Zach Osterman.  He covers Indiana University atheltics for the Indianapolis Star, but more importantly, he's a RED.  We find out more about Zach, Joe and Zach discuss the Mane red card (or should it have been) as well as look forward a little to the upcoming matches with Sevilla and Burnley.  It was really a pleasure to have Zach on the podcast as our first well known guest.  John Green, there's still a chance to come on the podcast...

As always, please support our unofficial sponsor Union Jack Pub in beautiful Broad Ripple, Indiana.  Union Jack Pub, home of OLSC Indianapolis and the best place to watch footy in the greater Indianapolis area. 

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Check out John Green's new book, Turtles All the Way Down


Not discussed on pod, but if you are interested in watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi with LFC Indy Podcast, we will be picking a theatre and going to see the movie Mid Morning on Dec 15th, release day.  SPOILER ALERT Podcast will follow later that afternoon.  Confirmed guests, James Dimitri Esq., Mr. Jay Kujawski and Joe Dilling.  We'll let you know when we get tickets on Fandango or ATOM.  



Episode 020 - Good Riddance Silly Season

September 5, 2017

In this episode we welcome back out good friend Boback!  He joins Bryan and Joe to discuss the transfer window which as has passed, incommings, outgoings, players who missed out on opportunities and Emre Can.

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Episode 019 - Rustin Kratz

August 28, 2017

Alternate name for this episode, Run Like an Egyptian.  In this episode we get to learn about OG LFC Indy Rustin Kratz, @rustinkratz.  After the interview we discuss the annihilation of Hoffenheim and Arsenal.  Discuss a bit on the latest transfer developments or sagas, and finish it up with our feelings on the Champions League draw.  Enjoy this time Reds!  I love this club!  YNWA.


Episode 018 - Mané on Fire

August 22, 2017

Parental Advisory on this one.  Recap of the Crystal Palace match, Joe gets ranty about Barcelona and Phil, look forward a bit, plugs/non-plugs, Joe get's ranty again.  Shout out to #VacationDrunk Bryan.  Please download and enjoy.  You can email us at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or find us on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  YNWA


Episode 017 - Neil Chalupa

August 16, 2017

Episode 017: We get to know one of our own, Neil Chalupa.  Bryan, Neil and Joe discuss Watford and Hoffenhiem matches and bring you some Twitter Chatter and previews.  Please enjoy, won't you?  As always, you can email us at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or find us on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  You'll never walk alone.


Episode 016 - The Commencement

August 7, 2017

In this episode Bryan, Jim and Joe talk about transfers yet this window, upcoming seaon and predictions.  You can always get a hold of us via email, indyredspod@gmail.com or on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  Please write a review!


Episode 015 - Joe Has Podcasting Withdrawal

July 11, 2017

WE'RE BACK!!!  Essentially Joe missed podcasting and talked Bryan and Jim into recording a podcast regarding transfers, rumors, FSG and a few other things.  We want to thank all of our listeners and hope that we have some new listeners joining in too.  Oh, and per request from our friend Chris, we have a bit of a discussion on Fulham FC.  Be careful of where you put your guitar picks!  YNWA!


Episode 014 - Season Finale

May 22, 2017

The season has concluded and Liverpool are in the Champions League next season!  Jim, Bryan and Joe discuss the final match, trolling Arsenal, play a game of Keep or Sell and that's just the first half! We then talk about what we want to see next season: formations, in Europe, Domestic Cups and the League.  Also, Joe breaks out some news about the summer and future with the podcast.  He also sends out a desparate plea.  It's funny to see him degregate himself.


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Episode 013 - Eavan Warfel

May 15, 2017

In this episode, we get to know a bit more about one of OG OLSC Indianapolis people, Eavan Warfel.  She helps us realize one of the best lines ever on the podcast, "Unicorn Made of Glass".  We also discuss LFC's 4-0 win over West Ham at London (Olympic) Stadium, this next week, Twitter chatter and Plugs (and Jim's Non-Plug).  Please download and listen!

If you want to reach us, you can email us at IndyRedsPod@gmail.com or on Twitter at @IndyRedsPod.  YNWA

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